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Kintu Bajaj

Kintu Bajaj

Luxury defines you. Where did it all begin?
I imbibed a sense of luxury from my mother at an early age. The way she spoke, the way she draped her saris and the elegance with which she wore her jewels is where it all began for me.

Your work takes you across the globe, building high-end brands in hospitality and fashion. What does travel mean to you?
Travel means something different to me every trip. A trip to Maldives would be about pleasure and relaxation, while a trip to Milan or London could mean purely business but I would still manage to experience some great restaurants and shopping.

Which would be your favourite city in the world to visit?
My favourite city is Los Angeles. The 21 -hour long flight to LA doesn’t bother me, infact I quite enjoy as it gives me time to catch up on movies and my reading. I absolutely love the bars and restaurants on the beaches. It also helps that my closest friend lives there and that makes it a place where I let go of all my other roles.

And then of course, the most important aspect of travel, the food. You agree?
Without a doubt food is usually the most integral part of all our travels. Before each travel we usually look up on the key food trends, new restaurants and chefs of the places we are travelling to. Also, I think the best way to truly experience local culture is to get a taste of the local food.

Your cannot-resist foods? Your favourite cuisine?
I am a complete foodie so I enjoy various cuisines and like to pair my food with a drink. Among my favourites, Chinese and French ranks pretty high. For French it has to be La Petite Maison. The Burrata there paired with the Minuty Roseis an absolute favourite. For Chinese you cannot have it better than a Crispy Duck Salad with a Hakkatini at Hakkasan or the signature Truffle Edamame Dumpling with a nigorizake at Yauatcha.

Do you pamper Kishor with a lavish meal or entertain loved ones alike? What would be a signature Kintu dish?
Yes! We do love entertaining at home whenever we can. Our menu is predominanted by their favourite dishes that I make at home. Since I love different cuisines and love eclectic food I would have dishes ranging from cheese fondue to our household favourite Sindhi curry all on the same dining table. I quite enjoy cooking and trying out new recipes but the one that I keep going back to, my so-called signature dish would be a Crab Bake which is made with roux and aged Cheddar and a touch of lemon grass.�

If you had to choose a night out, would you prefer Hakkasan or Yauatcha? Tough one, we know, since both are your babies!
Oh no, not tough at all. Both are a totally different experience. It would all depend on the mood and the company.

There is an astute taste for the fine points of life, be it KA Hospitality or Bespoke tailoring. Would you say your daughter Kresha has inherited it with her own fashion line today?
Yes Kresha has an excellent eye for detail and that shows in her fashion line. In fact all my three children Kresha, Karyna and Krysh have inherited a taste of the finer things in life, be it food or fashion especially through Kishor since he is very exacting in his taste.
And their good looks, too, from their mother, right! What’s the secret to ‘fit and fine Kintu’ in the midst of the hectic schedules?
I go by the principal of eating whatever I want but limiting the quantity so I rarely deprive myself of my favourites. Working out three times a week with Kavita Sahni at her ‘dancercise’ classes which is a mix of exercise, meditation and dance looks after the rest.

Stir-fry Udon Noodle with Black Pepper Sauce
Chef Stanley Lum Wah Cheok
Executive Chef of Yauatcha, Mumbai

200 g udon noodle���������������������������
20 g red onion������������������������������������
10 g green capsicum�����������������������
10 g red capsicum����������������������������
10 g yellow capsicum���������������������
60 g bean sprouts�����������������������������
5 g spring onion��������������������������������
40 g mock duck���������������������������������
35 ml udon noodle sauce�������������
2 g black pepper, crushed�������������
For the sauce ������������������������������������
2 garlic cloves, minced
10 g fresh ginger, minced������������
25 ml soy sauce���������������������������������
30 ml rice vinegar���������������������������
20 ml peanut oil�������������������������������
25 ml sesame oil������������������������������

For the sauce�������������������
Mix all the ingredients together to make the udon noodle sauce���������
For the Udon noodles
Heat oil on the wok.����
Toss noodle in the wok and add crushed black pepper. Add coloured capsicum and mock duck. Add noodle sauce.��
Add the fresh bean sprouts.��������������
Toss on high flame and remove.���
Serve it in a noodle bowl and garnish with a coriander leaf.���������������������


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