Master Chef Vishal Singh Kunwar of Sahara Star

Master Chef Vishal Singh Kunwar of Sahara Star knows how to play to cover girl Sania Mirzas weaknesses well. This sumptuously Hyderabadi spread is just what the tennis star relishes, reminds her of home each time

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Varun Inamdars Celebrate Life, Food and wine

Chef Varun ImageVarun Inamdar´s new book titled Celebrate Life, Food and Wine is a light kitchen read with recipes of tantalising dishes. Here are a few from Varun´s cookbook

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Chef Lolita Sarkar

Chef ImageLolita Sarkar is essentially a home-cook, who has set up her own café in Bandra called Desi Deli, where she serves international cuisine with a twist. Here´s a recipe, especially for you

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Chef DarshanParmar of Light House Cafe

Chef DarshanHead Chef DarshanParmar of Light House Cafe loves suprising diners with versatile flavours at his new restaurant. Here’s a glimpse at what’s in store

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Chef Mitesh Rangras

Chef Mitesh Rangras Image creates culinary experiences that leave an everlasting impression in your mind and your belly! From his restaurant Lemon Leaf, here are a few!

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Chef Terry Joys restaurant D`Crepes Cafe

Chef TerryChef Terry Joy´s restaurant D´Crepes Cafe is known for its savoury and sweet delights. This one is easy to make and flavourful, enjoy recreating the recipe

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US Cranberries

Cranberry is a superfruit that is tangy in flavour. Hence, you need to pair them well with food. We thought just one recipe with the fruit would be too less (Know More About), so we bring you two more

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