The Ritzy Penha Longa Resort

The uber luxury resort in the town of Sintra, Lisbon is magnificent to experience. With its Michelin-starred restaurants and beautiful vistas, Arola one among them...[more]


Kintu Bajaj

The quintessential woman. Homemaker, mother, wife, entrepreneur. Society hostess with the......[more]


B & B A Hearty Meal in One

While your mind races to that cozy bed and breakfast you may have stumbled upon while backpacking ac...[more]


Queen of the court

Sania Mirza rules, not just on tennis courts, but also in the hearts of the sports-loving people of India and there are many who swear by her. With 27 international tennis titles under her belt she is...[more]


Tis the Season of Plums!

Wonderfully delicious, juicy, sweet, tangy, plums are low in calories and high in taste. They have antioxidant properties and are a source of vital vitamins. They help strengthen the immunity system, ...[more]

Cocktails to Warm the Soul

Heard of warm cocktails? Wink, the city%25252525252560s well-entrenched bar at Vivanta by Taj Presid...[more]


Green Dreams

The ultimate joy is being able to grow what you eat. And that is exactly how Rupal Tejani began four...[more]


  Kids Culinarie

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