Holidays at Offbeat Locales



UpperCrust People

Stalwarts who make their way up the ladder and remain at the top of their game are true blue UpperCr...[more]


Shaken, Stirred, Straight Up

From inspiring a movie title to being the ideal companion to many a celebrity, the suave cocktail ha...[more]


Rakesh Maria Sharp, Subtle, Savvy, Suave

It may be an enviable job, but its certainly not a cushy one. Being Commissioner of Police of Indias premier city cant be easy, but Rakesh Maria manages and how! A peek into the life of the CP...[more]


JOSS The Phoenix Rises

Providence has its ways of helping those who help themselves. Chef Farrokh Khambatta, buoyed by the success of Umame, and Amadeus, found the perfect spot to reopen his beloved Joss-which had unfortuna...[more]

Asa A Whiff of Spice

A whiff of the exotic spices once you enter Foodhall and you re drawn in instantly. Thats what Asa, ...[more]



He laughs, smiles, and can talk on tennis, food and wine on end... Vijay is a sports legend, engagin...[more]



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