Himayat Bagh is a lovely place 
in natural green surroundings. Himayat Bagh!
The fruit research station and nursery is a lovely place to get lost in, says UpperCrust.

THE Himayat Bagh Fruit Research Station & Nursery, which is run by the government of Maharashtra, and which is a part of the Marathwada University, is located a stone's throw away from the Hotel Taj Residency in Rauza Baug area of Aurangabad. It is a sprawling complex, naturally green, and where the Emperor Aurangzeb through a marvellous feat of engineering that involved an underground water chamber, created a natural air-conditioning that cooled the entire area when in operation. Of course, now it no longer works, but the system still exists and is worth a study by anybody interested in this kind of thing.

Emperor Aurangzeb’s amazing air-conditioning plant still exists at Himayat Bagh, though it is not in use. The Himayat Bagh itself is worth a more closer look. M. S. Patil, the nursery in-charge, can be depended upon to take visitors all over and point out the various plants and trees on which research is being conducted. The Himayat Bagh Fruit Research Station & Nursery is run by a Dr. G. J. Bankar who is an MSc and PhD in Agriculture. His old-world office is cool and has various charts of botanical life put up on the walls. What is nice about the place is that visitors are encouraged to buy plants that are being grafted by experienced local malis in the gardens. Ask for what you want from Tamarind to Mango, and they will point out the saplings and then show you how the tree looks when it is fully grown!



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